留学生assignment代写范文借鉴:Apple: Management Style and Organisational Structure

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留学生assignment代写范文借鉴,题目是“Apple: Management Style and Organisational Structure(苹果公司:管理风格和组织结构)”,本报告分析苹果公司的案例,了解其管理风格,组织结构,组织文化。此外,管理的包容性,多样性和伦理的陈述,重点讨论了苹果所面临的管理问题,强调了全球各种商业论坛在隐私和供应链管理方面。


Abstract 摘要

This report analyses the case of Apple Inc to understand its management style, organization structure, organization culture. Further, the inclusion, diversity and ethics of the management stated are discussed with focus on the management issues faced by Apple as highlighted by various business forums globally in terms of privacy and supply chain management.

Apple Inc. (already Apple Computer, Inc) is a worldwide company that is built up on April 1, 1976 in California and incorporated on January 3, 1977. The organization for a long time was named as Apple Computer, Inc. be that as it may, it changed its name to Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007 as it needed to grow to the customer gadgets showcase and don't just remain in the PC advertise.

苹果公司是一家全球性的公司,于1976年4月1日在加州成立,并于1977年1月3日成立。在很长一段时间里,该组织被命名为苹果电脑公司(Apple Computer, Inc.),尽管可能是这样,但在2007年1月9日,它将其名称改为苹果公司(Apple Inc.),因为它需要发展到客户产品展示,而不仅仅是停留在个人电脑广告上。


1.Justification for selection选择的理由

Apple Inc's. Hierarchical structure adds to powerful and quick advancement, which is a basic achievement factor of the business in the data innovation, online administrations, and buyer gadgets enterprises. An organization's hierarchical or corporate structure is the blend of workforce gatherings, assets, and interconnections among these gatherings and assets in the business. The hierarchical plan decides how the authoritative structure is created and oversaw. Around here investigation instance of Apple Inc., the corporate structure bolsters techniques that push for further mechanical advancement.


2.Qualitative research method定性研究方法

Case study / Content analysis method: Contextual analysis research is a qualitative research technique that is utilized to analyze contemporary genuine circumstances and apply the discoveries of the case to the issue under study. Contextual analyses include an itemized logical examination of a predetermined number of occasions or conditions and their connections (Scapens, 2011). It gives the premise to the utilization of thoughts and expansion of strategies.

案例研究/内容分析方法:语境分析研究是一种定性研究技术,用于分析当代真实情况,并将案例发现应用于研究中的问题。语境分析包括对预先确定的若干场合或条件及其联系的逐项逻辑检查(Scapens, 2011)。为思想的运用和策略的拓展提供了前提。

It encourages a specialist to comprehend an unpredictable issue or item and add solidarity to what is now known through past research. It is an escalated examination of the specific unit viable. Its significant attributes are as per the following: a) the analyst can take one single social unit or a greater amount of such units for his study b) the chosen unit is considered seriously for example it is examined in moment subtleties.

3.Organizational theory组织理论

Management role and functions at Apple Inc:The management plays a crucial role in the advancement of Apple Inc. After Steve jobs was gone, Tim cook has made a few changes but continued with the existing structure to attain success in innovation and creativity at all attainable levels of the market.

苹果公司的管理角色和职能:管理在苹果公司的发展中起着至关重要的作用。Steve jobs 去世后,Tim cook做了一些改变,但继续保持现有的结构,在市场的各个层面取得创新和创造力的成功。

4.Apple's Ethics statement苹果的道德声明

Apple's management insists on codes that focus on workplace safety, pay rate, health practices and more. They review and amend strict guidelines to suppliers annually to ensure product standard compliance ("Apple Inc. - Code of Conduct (Ethics Statement) - BUS100mlmuseAppleInc", 2019). The organization surveys random centres as a surprise audit to ensure that the teams adhere to their ethics all the time. Apple has trained millions of its teams to achieve ethics compliance.


Labor and human rights: The management has strict regulations on antidiscrimination, reinstatement of fair treatment to all who serve the company in various levels. They also work on prevention of involuntary labour and human trafficking in the warehouses. The company has also consistently imposed on 60 hours maximum working hours per week that includes over time with a minimum one day leave in every week. Minimum wages are provided across all the Apple workforce.

5.Health and safety健康和安全

Apple perceives that incorporating sound wellbeing and security the board rehearses into all parts of business is fundamental to keep up high resolve and produce creative products. Suppliers will focus on making safe working conditions and a sound workplace for the entirety of their labourers.


6.Management Accountability and Responsibility管理能力与责任

Risk Assessment and Management—A procedure to distinguish ecological, wellbeing and security, business ethics, work, human rights, and lawful consistence dangers related with their tasks; decide the general hugeness of each hazard; and execute proper strategies and physical controls to guarantee consistency and control the recognized dangers. Hazard evaluations for wellbeing and security must include stockroom and storerooms, plant and office bolster hardware, research centers and test zones, restrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, and specialist lodging.


Performance Objectives with Implementation Plans and Measures—Written norms, execution goals, targets, and usage plans, including an intermittent appraisal of the Supplier's presentation against those destinations.

Reviews and Assessments—Periodic self-assessments to guarantee that the Supplier, its subcontractors, and its next-level Suppliers are conforming to this Code and with appropriate laws and guidelines.

Apple's corporate structure has the drawback of low adaptability. Chain of command regularly counteracts lower levels of the structure to deftly react to current business needs and market requests. For instance, the organization's product-based divisions must hang tight for mandates from the CEO or other top administrators to continue in actualizing changes that address drifts in the market for buyer gadgets. Nevertheless, Tim Cook has just made slight upgrades by increasing joint effort among various pieces of the firm. Such cooperation improves hierarchical adaptability. Overall, Apple's hierarchical structure does not bolster fast changes in light of the fact that everything must experience Tim Cook and the top management.

苹果公司的企业结构存在适应性差的缺点。指挥链定期抵消较低层次的结构,以灵活地对当前的业务需求和市场要求作出反应。例如,该组织基于产品的部门必须紧紧抓住首席执行官或其他高级管理人员的命令,继续实施变革,以应对买方设备市场的变化。尽管如此,Tim Cook通过增加公司各部门的共同努力,已经做出了轻微的升级。这种协作提高了层次适应性。总的来说,苹果的等级结构并不支持快速的变化,因为所有的事情都必须经历Tim Cook和最高管理层。