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您的大学学院生涯,一定会遇到一门课,您的教授会分配给您写至少一篇书评(book review)的作业。那么book review怎么写? Book Review就是我们常说的书评,许多导师通过布置书评作业的形势来检验学生对必读书的阅读理解程度。Book Review Movie Review这样的代写书评代写影评代写代写服务需求就应运而生。 

Book Review就是我们常说的书评,那么英文的书评如何写呢?本文为您带来Book Review代写模板以及写作必备元素

Required Elements

1. Author – Last Name First Title – Underlined

2. Illustrator – Last name first, Copyright Date, Number of Pages

3. Description/Genre – Brief Description of the type of book, ie. Picture Book, Fiction, Nonfiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Biography, Poetry, etc.

4. Review – In as few words as possible, write an evaluative summary including qualifiers such as excellent, humorous, poignant, well researched, etc. Tell what is great about the book. Your review should inspire others to want to read the book.

5. Suggestions for Classroom Use/ Curriculum Connections – Write all the possible curriculum areas to which this book relates. Tell how this book could be used with students.

6. Awards – If you are aware of any awards the book has won, list them here. If not, omit this category. If the book has received any awards, doing a google search for the title plus the word awards, will often provide you with the information you need .

7. NYS & Commom Core Standards Connections – Use Common Core Standards for Language Arts, Common Core Standards for Mathematics, and New York State Standards for Social Studies, Science, Technology and other subject areas to provide applicable standards connections for the book.

8. Recommended Grade Level(s) – Although most books are suitable for more than one grade level, we need to know where we should post your review. Be specific when you write the grade level. You could say, for example, Grade 2, but also appropriate for grades 1 and 3.

9. Reviewed by – Your Name, School, Position, Date (M/Y)

企业管理essay代写参考—Comparison of Leadership and Management at Amazon and Facebook 领导学essay范文——亚马逊和Facebook领导力和管理的比较,本文是一篇留学生领导学专业的Essay写作格式参考范文。企业中的管理概念主要分为四个主要概念,分别是社会和技术功能、组织宗旨和目标的初始化、利用正确的资源如人、时间等和良好的工作条件来实现这些目标。以下是领导学essay范例写作的全部内容,是一篇符合国外大学Essay写作格式要求的范文,供参考。
留学生作业Book Review写作参考:'Leading In a Culture of Change' Book Review 本文是一篇留学生作业Book Review写作参考范文,主要内容是讲述托兰托大学安大略教育研究所所长迈克尔·富兰是教育改革方面的国际权威。富兰引用罗伯特·斯坦伯格的话作为开场白:“智慧的本质似乎在于知道何时快速思考和行动,以及何时缓慢思考和行动”。
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