留学文书写作-申请文书-个人陈述小短文 Short Essay-西雅图华盛顿大学要求的申请短文(中英文版本)

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留学文书写作-申请文书-个人陈述小短文 Short Essay-西雅图华盛顿大学要求的申请短文(中英文版本) 

Essay 2: In an essay of 300 words or less, choose one extracurricular activity, work experience, or community service project from the list you provided on the application and explain why you initially chose it, why you continued with it, and how you benefited from it.
       On an extraordinary cold, storming night eight years ago I sat riveted to a news story on television about a poor rural primary school where children struggled to concentrate on their tattered subjects, lacking in warm clothes.  I strongly felt that it was my duty to be able to do everything I could to help those children. I began very modestly, using my own savings and inspiring and organizing others to also help donate. However, when I managed to go there in person four years later, oh what a shock I received! 

       I found a village very advanced and prosperous: the school was new and bright and clean, classrooms were well equipped and spotless, and most of the homes were new three-storied brick or concrete buildings. For a moment my heart sank, my own sense of worth and contribution shrinking.  However, I was humbled and shamed for my false pride as I was greeted into the village head’s own home where students and their parents gathered to honour and thank me: 87 children whose family could not afford the tuition had been helped to attend school. An ‘Angel’s Scholarship’ fund had been set up in my honour, and 30 of the students professed the goal to be able to be like me – their ‘Special Anonymous Sister’ – working to be able to help others in the future. Truly, my efforts had taken root and grew!

       From then on, I actively organized and joined in the organizations that helped and cared about students in poor villages, with greater pride and inner motives, and deem it as my lifetime responsibility. The lesson I learned will carry on through my life: good deeds, like small seeds, flourish and grow to a strong tree; a tree of wisdom and social support.

TOPIC: The University of Washington seeks to create a community of students richly diverse in cultural backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. How would you contribute to this community? (250-500words)







TOPIC: The University of Washington seeks to create a community of students richly diverse in cultural backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. How would you contribute to this community? (250-500words)
When I think of the many different ways we can all adjust to different cultural backgrounds and experiences, I think of my own experience in moving from a small rural area to the large city. I spent my care-free childhood in a small village nearby the West Lake, Hang Zhou, where it has been well known in China as “Paradise on Earth”.  Local folklore tells legendary story that it is the local tea that constitutes the stairway to heaven.
When I was a child, I would see adults around me growing tea, picking tea leaves, and making tea from the leaves.  For career reasons, my parents had to relocate the entire family to Hunan during my primary school years.  Since then, our hometown folks have never stopped mailing us newly-made tea at the beginning of each New Year. The moment a parcel of tea arrives our family, young and old, would waste no time opening it and making a whole teapot full to share.  It is at this moment that the older generations cannot help thinking of the past stories—the indelible nostalgia filling their memories, reliving those sweet memories of the past folks associated with the fragrance of this tea.  Each year we await New Year and this special bonding of what is now family tradition.  Tea has become more than a simple beverage – it is more accurately viewed as a connection of blood and native land, a connection that transcends time and space, a connection that forges and reinforces the bonding of three generations. 
Filled with the desire for, and memory of tea — from no where else but my native village – I  returned in 2007, to this long-dreamed of land, and plunged myself into tea-picking activities side-by-side with the local folks.  We kicked off at dawn and finished up at dusk.  The mountain top was veiled by thin clouds, among densely grown tea trees; we traveled back and forth, like colorful butterflies among the green leaves. With the quick and quiet elapse of time, my hometown trip came to an end but has stayed fragrant and pleasant in my mind. 
I now consider my hometown tea as my ‘homesick’ tea, and I use it whenever feeling the weary strains of late night studying.  Immediately and magically, the drowsiness vanishes completely, and I am able to concentrate on arduous work with a refreshed mind.  Over the past decade, I have subliminally accumulated increasing knowledge of tea -- but I have not had the honor to taste the genuine Longjing Tea that originated from West Lake, for it is too scarce. I am, nevertheless, in a position to relate to others the uniqueness of Chinese tea, West Lake tea in particular.  I am hoping, more precisely I am dreaming, that on some pleasant exotic evening, I will be able to pass the tales of tea to my prospective foreign friends, classmates, and professors, while tasting the fragrance of the genuine tea from my hometown. 
Champion  supplement:Essay 1 In an essay of 300 words or less, please discuss your academic interests or professional goals. (Could you please trim it to 300 words?)
     In recent years I have had a passion for two things: to be an investor, and to be an entrepreneur. In the early days of starting out I was sure they were close to being one and the same: my investment choices were all winning out as if I were charmed.  In a short time I saw my first investment blossom and virtually explode gaining 300% in value!  This instilled in me not just great excitement but, alas, an unhealthy dose of arrogance.  I went on to make many other choices for reinvestment without much care or concern for what the ‘experts’ said.  Seeing myself as an expert by some great blessings, and endowments, I went on and proceeded to lose all of my first small fortune.  This lesson taught me well to work hard, do thorough analysis based on both seen and unseen factors, and still temper my decisions with a balanced approach to risk and growth.  It was a lesson I will take with me into my future studies, and it also paralleled changes in my view of entrepreneurship.
     Always inventive, balanced with an adventurous spirit for innovation, I have succeeded in registering two patents and hosting a popular website for small inventions and inventors.  Again, in the early days of seeing my plans and visions come to life, I enjoyed a heady exuberance at my prospects for success.  After my lessons of investing, however, I also took time to re-evaluate what goes in to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  This will involve careful planning, building on core knowledge and acquired skills in understanding such things as critical analysis, planning and, of course, working with others to bring plans and dreams into constructive fruition. These are the goals that will be solidified now with my education and experience.





  一个月后,音响完成了。当它传出音质优美的Billie Joe Armstrong 沙哑的歌声时,我感受到了一股前所未有的惬意与欢欣。这里有艺术的魅力,也有科学的神奇。这个世界,不就是被艺术的心点燃,用科学的手打开的吗?我想,艺术赋予我的灵感将一直伴随我,直至带我走入科学的最高殿堂。